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Production of Papillon putters Eng.



The production of the PAPILLON - PUTTER  


Using computer-controlled, five-fold high-tech precision milling cutters (CNC) as well as professional manual work, the PAPILLON PUTTER is created from bare aircraft aluminum 7075 in more than 50 individual work steps.

After more than 2 working hours, the angular aluminum block reveals the characteristic shape with the curves, the non-touching "wings" with the thread notches for a single Papillon.

The base body is now ready for the next step: the anodizing.This creates a thin oxide layer that protects the aluminum from corrosion.More than twice as long is required for additional individual parts (striking surface made of brass 1.4305, 4 stainless steel screws, 4 stainless steel swing weights, ...).Each part is checked and assembled by hand. This is followed by the milling of the logo, the desired personalization and the limited “Limited Edition” number.After another, most precise check, each individual Papillon receives its measuring and measuring device, test report, as well as its consecutive Limited Edition number and is released by the factory.


Now the PAPILLON PUTTER Will be equipped with the double bend shaft and "Super Stroke" handle and will be sent to the developer Pepi J. Ebner for the final inspection and approval.Here the PAPILLON PUTTER, equipped with the unmistakable, elegantly embroidered leather cover, is packed in a wooden storage box with a seal and certificate that has been handcrafted with the greatest care. PAPILLON PUTTER is a revolutionary new golf putter that cannot be compared with any other available model in material, feel and terms of design. Every PAPILLON PUTTER is made by hand in Austria in a complex process that makes every PAPILLON PUTTER a unique example of hand crafted precision at its optimum. This process results in a finely engineered putter like no other, which will ensure the player feel more, consistency and successful putting. 

We point out that brass can change color over time. This is intentional and reflects that you and yours PAPILLON PUTTER have successfully conquered some greens together.