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The creation of a world patent

THE creation of a WORLD PATENT


 "Everything I have always wanted from a putter as an amateur and in professional sport, everything i dreamed of
that this so important golf device unites is after
Years of development in the "PAPILLON - PUTTER" has become reality! "      


It is almost always the putter that decides the game. The success of a good lap usually does not lie in the beautiful, long drives (tees). We only need this racket about 12-14 times per round. Therefore, it is usually the putter that decides the number of points for a round.   On average, a professional needs his putter about 30 times and an amateur about 45 times per round. The putter makes a good game even better and lets you “forget” bad drives.


"My over 46 years of experience in golf

with countless putters, 

taught me that a reliable putter u. A. 

Directionally stable, length-controlled and forgiving

have to be."


Through my many years of activity as a PlayingPro and TeachingPro, I was able to play on the most varied of greens on the various golf courses in our beautiful world.  

If I had a fast and heavy putter for fast greens, the direction was very good, but length control was more difficult. With a lighter putter the length was right, but the direction was more challenging.

On the green, every stroke not taken counts! So I came up with the idea of developing a putter that would be heavy enough to hold the direction but not transfer the weight directly onto the ball, and to control the length. 

I have decided to design a new type of precession device, a solid quality product that reliably meets the expectations of both beginners and those in glamorous professional sports. 


The new "PAPILLON - PUTTER" generation


"Thanks to the most modern high-precision technology, after countless studies, drawings, experiments and numerous prototypes, after years of trials we finally succeeded,    

all these attributes are realized in the new one:

"PAPILLON - PUTTER" - Generation"!


A heavy putter is directionally stable. However, length control is more difficult to play because the putter transfers the weight directly to the golf ball.

A lighter putter is easier to control in length. However, due to its lower weight, the putter is more easily twisted and it is more challenging to bring the clubface square to the ball, especially if the ball is not hit in the middle of the clubface.



THE "PAPILLON" PUTTER a completely new philosophy:


The Papillon - putter with the crossing but not touching weight bars - the so-called real crossweighting weight distribution, combines both essential advantages in its glamorous form.  The weights placed on the outside do not give the force directly to the ball, but the exact weight ensures the necessary stability to keep the direction.   


"My World patent the 4 horizontally distributed putter weights,
lies in the crossing but not touching weight bars. Both essential components for a precise shot.“



Both the length and the direction are thereby harmoniously stabilized.

If the ball is not hit in the middle of the putter surface, the lateral distribution of the weights prevents the putter from twisting.

The flexible, gradual change in weight from 320g up to 480g allows the player to adapt his personal golf swing to the green. Even professionals can change their face from face balance to toe slope thanks to the horizontally distributed putter weights. 



Unique, glamorous design,

Precision fused with perfection,

Forgiving, non-touching high-tech wings 

A noble symbiosis of years of experience, ideas, trials and handwork, created using the most modern high-tech precession devices, CNC 5 specialist milling machines and high-quality  Aircraft aluminum 7075


"THE ultimate racket for beginners and professionals,
created by means of innovative cutting-edge technology, the forgiving, intersecting but not touching world patent of the floating weight bar - the "PAPILLON PUTTER"!


Procession milled - pure Austrian quality work         

Flexible and easily exchangeable stainless steel weight inserts in 10g, 20g, 30g, 40g, 50g 

Color anodized in red,

Double-bend shaft in chrome

Available as right- and left-handed models



The "PAPILLON" head:  


Air craft aluminum 7075


The "PAPILLON" shaft:


Double bend,  one shaft offset


The "PAPILLON" playing surface: 


Carefully milled brass striking surface,

Swing weight from 10g to 50g





THE  LIMITED and NUMBERED  EDITION with personality!


"As unique, so individual, as special as the player, so unique and special, your personal" PAPILLON "can be designed on request!

Worldwide are of this limited and numbered edition,

only 333 pieces can be purchased! "


On request, in addition to the "Limit Edition Number", the PAPILLON can be upgraded with a personal embossing using a milling machine.

Delight or surprise a loved one and design the unique "Limit Edition" with personality!

e.g. With your name or monogram, the wedding day, pet names, a personal word for the recipient, your lucky number ...                                             The putter cover can also be embroidered with names, symbols, etc.




"I am happy about the positive feedback, about the smile on the face of every single player - it is the moment of happiness that lets you understand that with the" PAPILLON PUTTER "the short game is  


to the nice game! "



Your Pepi J. Ebner